Sunday Service

Worship Service

Children’s Sunday School and Nursery provided.

Time: 10:30am
Location: James Chapel of Union Theological Seminary

Our worship blends liturgy with contemporary and traditional music as we approach and respond to God.  We apply the Bible to life issues, hear occasional personal stories, and celebrate the Lord’s Supper weekly.  Children join us for an opening praise time and an occasional children’s message, after which they may go to Sunday school.   They return in time for a pastoral prayer or the Lord’s Supper (if they are communing members).

Visiting Families

Sign in –
Keeping Our Children Safe

10:15 – 10:30am
Before service begins, if you have children age 2 and older, sign your child in at the Welcome Table right outside the sanctuary. Make sure to obtain a nametag for each child, as this will help the volunteers get to know the children and check off the attendance list so the teachers know who to expect in their class.
Children 6 months-23 months can be dropped off in the nursery (A-34) at 10:15am and remain there until the Lord’s Supper during service.

Worship –
Worshiping With Our Children

10:30 – 11:00am
Children are invited to worship with their parents in the worship service until they are dismissed for Sunday School class prior to the sermon. But know, children are welcome to remain upstairs for the whole service.

Sunday School –
Teaching Our Children

~11:05am – 12:00pm
At the pastor’s dismissal, Children’s Ministry volunteers will meet children at the back of the sanctuary and bring them to classrooms for teaching.

For more information on classes and curriculum, visit our Families page.

The Lord’s Supper –
Blessing Our Children

~12:05 – 12-10pm
Parents are dismissed when the congregation is invited forward to receive the Lord’s Supper. Nursery children are picked up from the nursery A-34. All other children are picked up from the long corridor directly below the narrow flight of stairs. Non-communing children (those who have not been admitted to the Lord’s Table by the elders) are prayed for by the pastors. Families return to their seats together for the final hymn and close of service.

Additional Sunday Events

Sunday Morning Prayer

9:45am – 10:15am
3rd Floor Hall. (Go through cafeteria. Take stairs on your right to third floor. Or, take elevator by 1st floor bathrooms to third floor.)

After Service Prayer

We would love to pray with you. After each service, there are two members at the front of the sanctuary (stage left) – simply come forward and they will pray for you.

Special Healing Prayer

In keeping with James 5:13-16, our elders are eager to offer prayers with anointing for healing for any who ask. Contact any elder.